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Rescuing Bedtime from Alexander’s Horrible Grip

There were some bedtime stories we read to our kids hundreds of times. So many times, in fact, that we would often zone out in the middle and forget to turn the pages while reciting the stories by heart. Alexander and the Horrible….(you know the rest), the bear and the strawberry, the moose and the cookie, Mr. Pine’s Mixed Up Signs, the Happy Man in the Dumpster, Goodnight Moon, Pat the Bunny, Runaway Bunny, etc, etc, etc…

The kids seemed to love the stories, no matter how often we read them, but there were some nights when we, the parents, needed a little extra special bedtime story to keep up our excitement and the wonderment bedtime held for us.

And so, Nick and Nack came to the rescue. Click here for my post for Parents Magazine this month to tell you how it happened:


nick and nack

The October Classic – Just for Parents!

Finally, the World Series is here! Featuring MY Kansas City Royals (I’ve adopted them since MY Colorado Rockies are so, so bad, and because the SF Giants, the other team in the WS, is the Rockies arch enemy.) Here, in honor of tonight, is my October Classic piece for Parents magazine – why World Series baseball is the ultimate parenting guide. Go ROYALS!!: Read it here baseball

My Thanksgiving Cover Story for Parents Magazine

It was really a thrill for me when Parents Magazine asked me to write their Thanksgiving cover story for the November, 2014 issue. Titled “More Gratitude, Less Attitude,” the Thanksgiving issue is now on sale at newsstands everywhere. Read it online here exclusively
Parents Magazine November 2014

Do You Know “The Look?”

If you’re a parent, you definitely know “the look” I’m talking about. Here’s my post today for Jill Smokler’s wildly popular “Scary Mommy” blog. It’s already been shared more than 4000 times on FB since it went up this morning: http://www.scarymommy.com/the-look/ 940 saturdays.kindergarten graduation

Today is Labor Day, Tomorrow is “Launch Day”!

When “No Regrets Parenting” was published a couple years ago, the book became a bestseller, but one concept in particular in the book went “viral” : Between your child’s birth and her leaving for college, there are only 940 Saturdays. The New York Times titled their review of the book, “940 Saturdays and You’re Done.” Reader’s Digest named “940 Saturdays” their term of the month. Hundreds of bloggers began counting and chronicling the Saturdays of their families. Posters were created and sold on the internet by “famous quotes” companies. Celebrities weighed in on how they are spending their family Saturdays. Clearly, parents feel passionately about every precious moment with their kids.

Tomorrow, September 2, Random House Publishing will release my new “hybrid” activities guide and keepsake journal titled, of course, “940 Saturdays.” This really beautiful package is the perfect 2-in-1 solution to make each Saturday count: a hardcover journal, which includes a unique guide to kids’ developmental milestones; and a removable handbook with more than 1000 age-appropriate activities catered to every age and stage of childhood.

I hope the keepsake journal will inspire parents to chronicle for posterity what they saw and did, thought and felt with their kids, to savor these precious memories in the years to come. The activities handbook offers creative ideas to trigger parents’ imaginations and propel them to make each Saturday with their kids a memorable one. Imagine someday looking back with your kids at the entries you made when they were younger, reliving the highlights of their childhoods.

The journal/activities guide is available, as the saying goes, wherever fine books are sold, as well as online at all major sites. For more details, go to www.940Saturdays.com or www.harleyrotbart.com. 940 Saturdays cover 2

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