Harley Rotbart, M.D.

BTSD (Back-To-School Disorder)

Do you miss the days when Big Chief Tablets were all the rage and iPad tablets hadn’t been invented yet?

You and your kids might have Back-To-School Disorder (BTSD) and not even know it. My new post for Parents Magazine

big chief tablet will help you make the diagnosis:


When is a Fort Not Really a Fort, and When is it Even Better?

Money didn’t come easily for our family when we were kids, and mom watched every penny to make sure we had enough for the essentials. So when she “invested” a whole dollar to buy a “life-like” play fort, she was understandably upset when it finally arrived – in a plain manilla envelope by U.S. mail…

You might be surprised at what happened next, in my post this month for Parents magazine: click here

pillow fort

The Day Ernie Went Missing

There are certain days in a young family’s life that leave lasting memories. It was that kind of day in our house about 24 years ago. That was the day Ernie went missing…My post this month for Parents Magazine:



A “Jackie Robinson Moment” for Dads

In all my years of writing for and reading parenting magazines, I’ve never seen THIS before!


Parents mag cover.June dads

A Graduation Speech for Parents

May and June are graduation months, whether your kids are leaving preschool for kindergarten, kindergarten for grade school, grade school for middle school, middle school for high school, or high school for college. I think I covered all of them…

But graduations are times to congratulate the parents of the graduates, too. I hope you’ll take a look at my post for Parents magazine this month (click here) where you’ll find the speech I hope  you can give at your high schooler’s graduation this year, or someday in the future.

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