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Yorkshire Pudding, and Christmas Eves Past, Present, and Future

The NYT invited me to write their Christmas Eve parenting post this year. It’s all about why this Christmas Eve will be very different for us than in the past.  Hope you’ll take a look. Happy Holidays, and Happy 2014, to all.


Ballerina or Teacher? The Charades Mystery in our Home

There was nothing typical about the way we played charades in our home when the kids were little…but that’s what made it special. For a holiday chuckle, see my post this month for Parents Magazine:


Thanksgiving and Hanukkah – a Unique Opportunity for Parents

The rare alignment of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah this year gives parents a unique chance to teach about “giving” to others while their kids are happily “getting” the unavoidable seasonal gifts. My post for Parents Magazine this month:


Amazon.com Pre-Holiday Sale of “No Regrets Parenting”

This is very cool. Amazon.com just announced a time-limited sale of my “No Regrets Parenting” book for pre-holiday gift-buying at $6/copy. This is the lowest price ever for online purchase, and it doesn’t appear there is a limit on the number of books per order. I’m grateful for Amazon’s support in promoting the No Regrets Parenting message.  Access the sale here:


At-Home Dads Epitomize “No Regrets Parenting”

The 18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention was recently held in Denver, Colorado. I was honored to be their Keynote speaker, but more importantly I was privileged to be witness to the extraordinary commitment these men have made to their families. Typically, my “No Regrets Parenting” Seminars focus on helping busy parents make the most of the time they spend with their kids, and finding more time despite their frenzied lives.  But, for the At-Home Dads, there were two added nuances to my presentation. Stay-at-home parents, dads or moms, spend lots of time with their kids as it is. But these parents have additional challenges:

1. Making sure the need for efficiency – getting everyone where they need to be when they need to be there, and getting everything done around the house – doesn’t overwhelm the joyous experience parenting should be; and

2. Helping the working spouse or partner to get more out of his or her parenting experience.

I hope I was able to convey those important ideas to the Dads last week. But whatever I was able to contribute, they contributed more to me in the lengthy and animated question and answer period following my talk. I started the discussion by asking “what works” in your house to make parenting more fun. I wish I had recorded their answers – it would have been my next book! Fabulous ideas ranging from “Talk like a pirate day (on International Talk Like a Pirate Day)” to “May the Force Be With You Day (on May 4, of course!) ” to practical jokes (put a fork in your kids’ breakfast cereal for a hoot) to scavenger hunts and “geocaching” to homemade ice cream and costume parties.

Jane Goodall, the famous primate researcher, childless herself, is quoted as saying: “One thing I had learned from watching chimpanzees with their infants is that having a child should be fun.” Well, one thing I learned (among many) from the At-Home Dads is…They DO know how to have fun with their kids.

Thanks, Dads, for all the good stuff you are doing for your kids. You are role models for “No Regrets Parenting.” More about the At-Home Dads Network at: http://athomedad.org/

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