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Time in the car with your kids is precious quality time. It’s much more than just getting somewhere – this is time to treasure with a captive audience buckled into their car seats or seat belts. Don’t waste with your kids plugged into earbuds or watching a DVD. Whether you’re driving with your kids cross-country, or just across town to soccer practice, look no further than the license plates on nearby cars to find stimulating fun for everyone in the car, including the grown-ups. Here’s my post this month for Parents Magazine:…/6-games-to-make-your-road-trips-m…/



What do empty bedrooms, a clean minivan, and Mother’s Day have in common? Well, for parents of a certain age, like me, each brings back noisy, messy, and very happy memories. But if you are lucky, like we were, you’ll have no regrets about how you spent Mother’s Days past. Or Father’s Days. Or, for that matter, just regular old Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

This Sunday, like millions of parents around the country, we’ll be waiting by the phone…but that’s not a bad thing

Click here for my special Mother’s Day post for Parents Magazine.

Mother's Day flowers

The Day We Named Sammy’s Arch

The day our youngest led us to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park was a coming of age for all of us. After watching his big brother and big sister in the lead on other hikes, he knew just what to do. Here’s the story, my post this month for Parents Magazine.

delicate arch - Sammy's Arch

Thanks for the Great Review on our 3rd Anniversary

Many thanks to Victoria Winterhalter, Parenting by the Book, and Richmond Family Magazine for their wonderful review of “NO REGRETS PARENTING.”

Last month we marked the 3rd anniversary since release of the book, which continues to top parenting bestseller lists around the country. How great to still see nice reviews coming in!

Read Victoria’s review here:

A Baby Boomer Parent Fesses Up

My generation, the Baby Boomers, brought a sea change to society. Not everything we changed, however, was for the better. For example, our definition of Quality Time with our kids. My post for Parents Magazine this month will show you what I mean. It’s not always how you spend the time, it’s that you spend the time.

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