“My office is littered with “parenting books.” If we went by sheer number of pages of advice available, I should be the best mother around — something that the kindergarten teacher who, just this morning, told me that if I’d just bring her a comb, she’d do my youngest daughter’s hair, would be the first to say I’m not even in the running for — and that was before we both spotted the giant hole in the same child’s pants. The books, as abundant as they are, aren’t helping.

But Dr. Rotbart’s No Regrets Parenting is something special, and something a little different…Dr. Rotbart writes to help us turn painfully long minutes into funny moments, and he does it practically, in one- or two-page essays on everything from ice cream sundaes to college counseling. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s more about being a parent than it is about actually parenting the kids themselves — no star charts here.”

KJ Dell’Antonia, New York Times

“I’m making a point of holding hands with my kids more often, ever since I read Dr. Harley Rotbart’s new book No Regrets Parenting. Dr. Rotbart…really had my number with this one…I’ve seen how the years blow past at warp speed, to the point that I fear my hand-holding days are numbered. Dr. Rotbart made me realize I shouldn’t count the minutes, but the moments…Dr. Rotbart’s book turned my head around.”

Dana Points, Editor-in-Chief, Parents Magazine.

“The tone and approach of Rotbart’s book puts the control back in the parent’s hands, by focusing on the time a parent does have with children, instead of focusing on the time that the parent doesn’t have. His conversational tone helps put the parent at ease in what feels like a knowledgeable friend sharing their own insight.”

Cara Lemieux, ABC News

“This is a busy parent’s time management guide, demonstrating how to find balance, turn “minutes into moments,” develop reliable parental intuition, and transform everyday routines into special times, without neglecting personal and professional responsibilities…Time passes all too fast, and when the kids do leave home, readers who followed Rotbart’s blueprint will greet their children’s departure with satisfaction of a job well done and the acknowledgment thereof.”

Publishers Weekly

“Dr. Rotbart has a gift for uncovering and explaining the countless possibilities in parenting. This book is a treasure for all of us with children.”

Jeffrey Zaslow, New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Last Lecture; and Moving On columnist, The Wall Street Journal.

  “10 Best Books for Thinking Parents.”

Parenting Magazine.


“No Regrets Parenting focuses on how to find time with your kids and make the most of it while you have the chance. Dr. Rotbart’s advice proves useful for any parent looking to maximize and optimize time with their children.

The book easily fits into the life of a busy parent thanks to the roughly two-page chapters that can be read separate from each other and in any order. Rotbart offers the freedom of skipping around and choosing the topics that seem most relevant at any point in your life. Each chapter provides valuable guidance in only a few minutes waiting in the carpool lane or at the dentist’s office.

From the crib to college life, this guidebook helps with each step of parenting. Sections of No Regrets Parenting include tips for school issues, home life, family nights, outdoor activities, technology use, spiritual involvement, and more. Each one focuses on creating quality time and maintaining good communication with your kids.

When you feel exhausted by the daily parenting routine and suddenly notice the years flying by, this book can help. Take control of the time you have and make it meaningful and memorable for the whole family.”

“What’s more precious than love, your children, and time?  No Regrets Parenting is a gem of a book. It will help you turn the minutes of the day into the moments of your life.”

Harvey Karp, MD, creator of the New York Times bestselling books and DVDs The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block.

“No Regrets Parenting helps today’s busy parents stop worrying about trying to be perfect, and offers low-key ways to make the most of the time they spend with their children.  Whether you’re a working parent or stay-at-home mom or dad, Dr. Rotbart’s wise advice and refreshing ideas will make you want to pick up this book again and again.”

Diane Debrovner, Deputy Editor, Parents Magazine

No Regrets Parenting, in 212 pages that span the time from when our children are small to when they’ve gone off to college, echoes the way life passes by in the blink of an eye.

One day our children are asking for one more book at bedtime or to watch them hula hoop for the hundredth time in a day and the next, they’re choosing a college and heading off to explore the world on their own. 

Those small moments will mean so much to us one day and with Rotbart’s guidance, we can savor the small moments and avoid ever feeling regret that we’ve squandered away the precious and fleeting time with our children.

Nichole Beaudry,

 “A wise book.”

Judy Bolton-Fasman, The Judy Chronicles.

 “This book gives us easy, doable ideas; I loved it!”

Melissa Thomas, Imagination Soup.

“No Regrets Parenting is a wonderfully written handbook for parents living in our complex times. A treasure trove of ideas and strategies to help parents raise happy and successful children.”

Donald Schiff, M.D., F.A.A.P.  Past President of the American Academy of Pediatrics;, author of A Guide to Your Child’s Symptoms

“During the long, hectic days of in-the-trenches parenting, it’s easy to forget the all too fleeting nature of childhood. To someday look back on your children’s formative years with fond nostalgia—but no regrets—Dr. Rotbart guides you in maximizing and optimizing the time you spend with your kids. No Regrets Parenting reminds parents everywhere that the essence of successful parenting is simply being there.  This book helps you find the time.”

Marianne Neifert, M.D. (Dr. Mom®), author of the bestselling Dr. Mom books for parents.

“A poignant, timely book to remind us to savor parenting our kids – with awesome tips on how to slow the daily chaos, create memorable moments, and luxuriate in the wonder and fun of each age and stage.”

Stacy DeBroff, bestselling author of The Mom Book, The Mom Book Goes to School, and The Mom Central Organizer; CEO and Founder, MomCentral.

“No Regrets Parenting is a must read for young parents who are struggling with finding the right balance between career and family.  This book will help parents create that balance, providing the framework that allows them to drop off their youngest child at college without feeling they have shortchanged their children or themselves.”

Stephen Berman, MD, F.A.A.P., Past President, American Academy of Pediatrics; author of Getting it Right for Children.

“Let No Regrets Parenting guide you in finding the time to build communication and relationships while raising successful children. From school to work, home to play, Dr. Rotbart helps families find meaning and traditions in the midst of busy lives.”

Dr. Jeffrey J. Cain M.D., President-Elect, American Academy of Family Physicians

“No Regrets Parenting is a wonderfully written handbook for parents living in our complex times. A treasure trove of ideas and strategies to help parents raise happy and successful children.”

Donald Schiff, M.D., F.A.A.P.  Past President of the American Academy of Pediatrics;, author of A Guide to Your Child’s Symptoms

“No Regrets Parenting encourages parents to be mindful of the choices they are making with the precious little time they have to spend with their children before (and after) they fly the coop.  Dr. Rotbart’s book, a must-read for any parent, will leave your head buzzing with ideas that will forge a lifelong bond between you and your children.”

Heather Taussig, PhD, Clinical Psychologist; Director, Fostering Healthy Futures Program, Children’s Hospital Colorado

“Recognizing that time is a precious commodity for every parent, Rotbart provides sage advice to enable parents to maximize the time with their children and transform minutes spent to moments shared.

In short, manageable chapters comprising three parts (Basic Principles, Simple Strategies, College and Beyond), Rotbart blends a balanced parenting philosophy with practical applications to promote special, everyday moments with kids. Inspiring as well as helpful, Rotbart reminds parents the time to miss children is once they leave home—not while they are there—and to optimize opportunities with them before moments are replaced by memories”

Celebrity Parents Magazine