The Book

The 10 p.m. news hasn’t even started, but you’re too exhausted to watch; who can stay awake that late? Car pools, lunch bags, after-school activities, dinner, homework, bath time, bedtime. All on top of your own job (or jobs!) and the other realities of adulthood. You have just enough energy left to drag yourself to bed so you can wake early and start the routine all over again. Each day with young kids feels like a week, each week like a month.

Yet as every new birthday passes, childhood seems to be streaking by at warp speed – five month-olds become five year-olds and then 15 year olds in the blink of an eye. The colorful mobiles hanging from their cribs morph into tricycles, which morph into driving permits.

And then, poof, they’re gone. Sunrise, sunset.

How can we possibly be working so hard to get through each crazy, chaotic day with our kids, and yet have the years fly by so quickly? Everyone knows it, everyone bemoans it, yet no one seems to know how to slow down the years while cramming 25 hours into every day.

No Regrets Parenting is about time management with kids, from crib through college. But it’s not like other “time management books.”  Those are geared for efficiency with kids rather than for intimacy with them, for organizing rather than optimizing the time parents spend with their kids. How to get everything done is not the same as how to make the time spent with kids more meaningful and memorable. This is a book about capturing the precious moments of parenting that otherwise are lost in the name of efficiency. It will guide you in taking the mundane, exhausting routines of parenthood and turning them into special parenting events. It’s all about redefining “quality time.”

No Regrets Parenting is written for parents before they set priorities that they’ll come to regret. A book to be read when bedtime and bath time rituals are still observed this is an easy to read guidebook with timeless advice to parents for whom time is in short supply.

No Regrets Parenting is a book about time. Finding enough of it and making the most of it.

The days are long, and the years are short, but it’s not too late.

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